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Team Culture

60 Examples of Team Values

Team values are foundational principles adopted by a team to guide future team culture, decisions and interactions. These only have power where they are actively used by a team to set direction or resolve questions. Vague values such as "integrity" are likely to go unused such that values that address common issues or questions in your team are more helpful. The following are illustrative examples of team values.
Ambition / Play Offense
Authenticity / Be Real
Be Curious
Be Nice
Bias for Action
Build Trust / Credibility
Calculated Risk Taking
Candor / Directness
Clear Issues / Be Relentless
Communicate Fearlessly
Cost Conciousness
Creativity / Inventiveness
Customer First
Deliver Often
Details Matter / Attention to Detail
Do the Right Thing
Enjoy It / Enthusiasm / Making it Fun
Environmental Stewardship
Get it Right
Golden Rule / Empathy
Hands On - leaders delve into details
High Standards / Continually Raising Standards
Humilty / Self-Awareness
Ideas from Everywhere
Keep an Eye on Competitors / Industry Change
Learning From Failure
Listen to Customers / Each Other
Maintain Perspective
More With Less
Mutual Respect
Openness / Continually Learning
Ownership Mentality - never say "That's not my job"
People First
Personal Accountability
Play the Long Game
Productivity Matters
Put Others First
Quality First
Reduce Waste
Reinvent / Challenge / Lead Industry
Respect Time
Safety First
Sense of Urgency
Service Excellence
Ship Often
Social Responsibility
Solve Customer Problems
Start Simple - no big planning cycles
Teamwork / Supporting Each Other
Think Big
Tolerance for Disagreement

Team Culture

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