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34 Examples of Water Infrastructure

 , updated on May 19, 2023
Water infrastructure is a broad term for systems of water supply, treatment, storage, water resource management, flood prevention and hydropower. The term also includes water based transportation systems such as canals. The following are common types of water infrastructure.
Desalination plants
Fire hydrants
Flood barriers
Flood gates
Flood monitoring and warning systems
Flood walls
Irrigation systems
Pump stations
Rain gardens
Rainwater harvesting infrastructure
Retention ponds
River embankments
Sewer lines
Storm drains
Wastewater plants
Water filters
Water intakes
Water mains – primary underground water pipes
Water metering infrastructure
Water outlets
Water pipes
Water pumps
Water tanks
Water testing facilities
Water towers
Water treatment plants
Aqueducts and cisterns are ancient types of water infrastructure that transport and store water.
Blue space such as canals or a city pond could be viewed as social infrastructure as a type of transportation and public space.
Coastal infrastructure is another type of water related infrastructure that includes ports, harbors, marinas, jetties, docks, boat launches, breakwaters, sea walls, tsunami walls and other facilities for transportation, coastal preservation and disaster prevention.
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