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11 Types of Transportation Infrastructure

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Transportation infrastructure are foundational structures and systems for transporting people and goods. The following are common types of transportation infrastructure.


Roads such as streets, avenues and highways. Includes paved roads, unpaved roads and roads with unique surfaces such as cobblestone.


Railways including high speed rail, subways and elevated railways such as a cable car.


Paths for walking such as sidewalks, trails and pedestrian zones.

Bridges & Tunnels

Bridges and tunnels for vehicles, trains and pedestrians.


Railway stations and similar facilities such as bus stations.


Airports and related services such as air traffic control.

Air Routes

The management of air routes and related services such as air traffic control, aeronautical meteorology, air navigation systems, air space management, air traffic flow and capacity management.


Navigable waterways such as a canal.


Harbors where ships can dock and transfer people and/or cargo. This may include passenger facilities known as seaports.

Cycling Infrastructure

Infrastructure for bicycles such as bicycle highways, bike paths and bike lanes.

Living Streets

Streets designed for multiple uses by restricting the speed of vehicles and giving pedestrians right of way. Living streets are often designed for children, recreation and green spaces such as community gardens.
Overview: Transportation Infrastructure
Foundational structures and systems for transporting people and goods.
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