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What is a Garden Kitchen?

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A garden kitchen is a kitchen that is at least partially outdoors. In many cases, a garden kitchen has modern appliances indoors and wide glass doors that open to a second kitchen with a bbq, garden and outdoor seating. In other cases, the entire kitchen is outdoors with protective features such as a roof and retractable storm doors.

Atrium Kitchen

An atrium kitchen is an indoor kitchen with a glass ceiling and big windows. In many cases, they resemble a kitchen that is built into a green house. As with the garden kitchen, the idea is that you can grow a limited quantity of fresh ingredients directly in your kitchen.
Overview: Garden Kitchen
A fully functional kitchen that is at partially or completely outdoors.
In some cases, garden kitchens are designed for entertaining. In others they are a designed for sustainability and resilience and are as much productive garden as they are kitchen.
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