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3 Examples of the Energy Efficiency Formula

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The energy efficiency formula is a method of calculating the efficiency of energy production and consumption. It can be used to measure the efficiency of infrastructure, facilities, buildings, transport, products and services.

Energy Efficiency Formula

The energy efficiency formula is based on energy output and input.
energy efficiency = (energy output / energy input) × 100
Energy output is the useful energy offered by an item such as the light generated by a light bulb.

Example 1

A solar module produces up to 320 watts of power from 1500 watts of sunlight.
energy efficiency = (320/1500) × 100 = 21.3%

Example 2

An electric car consumes 20 kWh of power on a drive and transfers 10.5 kWh of power to the wheels.
energy efficiency = (10.5/20) × 100 = 52.5%

Example 3

A gasoline burning car consumes fuel with an equivalent of 60 kWh of energy on a drive and transfers 11 kWh of power to the wheels.
energy efficiency = (11/60) × 100 = 18.3%

Similar Measurements

The energy efficiency formula is a technical measurement that isn't always useful in comparing real world efficiencies. A large number of alternative measurements are commonly used. For example, energy per passenger mile is a common way to calculate efficiency for transportation.
Overview: Energy Efficiency Formula
A method of calculating the efficiency of energy production and consumption.
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