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36 Examples of Community Stakeholders

Community stakeholders are local people and organizations that have a say in an program, project, initiative or policy. These include stakeholders that may have authority such as government regulators and stakeholders that are impacted by an initiative such as the users of a library. The following are common examples of community stakeholders.
Agricultural groups
Business owners
Charitable foundations
Children and youth
City council members
Civic engagement organizations
Community leaders
Community members
Community members with a particular need
Community members with disabilities
Elderly residents
Elected officials
Emergency responders
Environmental groups
Government agencies
Local business associations
Local workers
Mayors and city managers
Parent-teacher associations
Police and law enforcement
Property owners
Public officials
Seniors groups
Service clubs
Tourism bureaus
Users of a service
Volunteer organizations
It is common to identify community stakeholders by role. For example, a school that identifies teachers, parents and students as stakeholders.
Stakeholders can also be identified by needs such as community members with disabilities who are stakeholders in some change that will improve accessibility.


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