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What is Night Architecture?

 , June 05, 2016 updated on January 09, 2017
Night architecture is the design of the exterior lighting of buildings and structures for effect at night. The term is associated with the use of light as a decoration as opposed to practical concerns such as safety or advertising.
The first major building to be decorated with light was the Singer Building in New York, the tallest building in the world from 1908-1909. By the 1920s, night architecture was a common feature of the world's financial capitals. Architects quickly realized that lighting transforms the perceived form of buildings at night. They began selecting materials and forms specifically for night lighting.
It is common for modern buildings to include elaborate night architecture features such as high resolution computer controlled lighting. In some cases, buildings are wrapped in a facade designed for lighting effects.
Overview: Night Architecture
DefinitionThe design of buildings and structures for effect at night.
Also Known AsArchitecture of the night
Nocturnal architecture
Light architecture
Potential DrawbacksLight Pollution
Energy Consumption
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