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19 Examples of Architectural Technology

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Architectural technology is the application of scientific knowledge to the construction of buildings and other structures. The following are common examples of architectural technology.


Architectural materials such as composite fibre, glass, carbon concrete, steel and wood.


Structural elements such as beams, trusses, plates, tensile cables and shells.

Building Envelope

The basic structure of a building that protects it from air, water, noise, wind and excessive temperatures and light. For example, technologies used to insulate a building.


Technologies that have applications for facades such as translucent concrete.


Roofs commonly host green technologies such as rooftop gardens and rainwater harvesting systems.


Systems to generate energy for a building such as solar roofs or walls.


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning to provide air to a building at a comfortable temperature.

Sanitation & Water Systems

Water systems such as interior irrigation systems.

Fire Protection

Systems to detect and defend against fire including active systems such as sprinklers and passive systems such as smoke barriers.

Earthquake Resistance

Earthquake resistance includes stress resilient structures, base isolation systems and seismic vibration control systems such as tuned mass dampers.


Windows may be designed to improve the energy efficiency of a building with passive techniques or smart windows.

Green Spaces

Technologies for rooftop gardens, green walls, vertical gardens and rain gardens.


Indoor lighting including passive technologies such as sunlight transport and outdoor lighting for night architecture.


Transportation systems such as elevators.


Interior elements such as configurable walls or a high tech bathroom.


Security systems such as vehicle barriers.

Information Systems

Systems such as communication tools and networks that are built into buildings.

Building Automation

Systems that control the operation of a building. For example, systems such as passive lighting, energy production and gardens can be managed to reduce a building's environmental footprint.

User Interfaces

Giving people control over their environment such as lighting, airflow or reconfiguring rooms.
Overview: Architectural Technology
The application of scientific knowledge to the construction of buildings and other structures.
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