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22 Examples of the Construction Industry

 , June 24, 2019 updated on November 09, 2023
The construction industry is the sector of the economy that builds, improves and repairs buildings, structures, infrastructure and land features. The following are common components of the construction industry.

Building Construction

The construction of residential and commercial buildings. This includes heavy construction such as skyscrapers and light construction such as houses.

Heavy Engineering

The building of heavy infrastructure such as bridges, canals, dams, airports, water systems and railways. The structural components of large buildings are also considered heavy engineering.


The construction of land features including living elements such as flora or fauna. This varies from relatively heavy work such as reshaping land to light work such as gardening.


Specialty trades such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, pipefitters, heavy equipment operators, millwrights, welders, steel fixers, masons and dredgers.


Firms that architect, design, plan and oversee construction.

Interior Design

Firms that design and construct the interior features of rooms.


Businesses that provide construction materials such as concrete, wood and steel.


The engineering, manufacture, installation and repair of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Building Components

The engineering, manufacture, installation and repair of structural and non-structural components of a building such as roof trusses, I-joists, floor panels, windows and elevators.


The manufacture and leasing of construction equipment and vehicles.


The financing and financial control of construction projects. For example, mortgage bankers, accountants and cost engineers.


Planning, deploying and managing investment in real estate and infrastructure. For example, a firm that renovates and repurposes old factories for mixed use commercial and residential use.

Project Management

The management of construction projects including roles such as program manager, project manager, building estimator, risk manager and procurement manager.


Surveying land and buildings to prepare legal and technical specifications of boundaries, topography and structures both planned and existing.


Legal services related to construction such as contracts and overseeing compliance to regulations.


Construction that improves existing buildings and structures. Home renovation is practically an industry onto itself in size and scale.

Maintenance & Repair

Services that conduct preventative and corrective maintenance.

Supply & DIY

Retailers and other suppliers of tools, materials, parts and components both for professionals and diy hobbyists.

IT Infrastructure

Construction of IT infrastructure such as wired and wireless internet.

Power Infrastructure

Construction of power infrastructure such as grids, solar panel systems and generators.


Business that reduce health & safety risks at construction sites and fulfill related compliance requirements. For example, a provider of safety equipment, training or inspections.

Education & Training

Construction related training services such as an apprenticeship program.


The following are common components of the construction industry.


The sector of the economy involved in planning, constructing and maintaining physical structures.
Overview: Construction Industry
The sector of the economy that builds, improves and repairs buildings, structures, infrastructure and land features.
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