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50 Examples of the Art World

The art world is the set of individuals, groups and institutions that are involved in the social, educational, cultural and economic processes surrounding fine arts. From a value perspective this has artists at the top who collectively produce priceless cultural value down to art critics who offer educated opinions. Between these two extremes lie a broad range of professions and organizations that play a role in bringing art to the world or capturing value from art. The following are examples of the art world.
Art Agents
Art Appraisal
Art Communities
Art Critics
Art Curation
Art Dealers
Art Diplomacy
Art Expositions
Art Finance
Art Historians
Art Institutions
Art Investors
Art Journalism
Art Law
Art Magazines
Art Merchandising
Art Models
Art Movements
Art Preservation
Art Production
Art Promotion
Art References & Databases
Art Research
Art Restoration
Art Scholarship
Art Schools
Art Security
Art Shops & Ecommerce
Art Supplies
Art Teachers
Art Transport
Art Valuation
Art Venues
Artist Estates
Collections Management
Commercial Artists
Gift Shops
Government Art Collections
Government Grants
Outsider Artists
Street Art
Traditional Artists
Art institutions are a broad collection of government and non-government organizations that play some role in the art world. For example, an institution that offers accreditation for art schools in a particular nation.
Art merchandising is the production of products that are based on the works of artists. For example, an art book.
Art production is all the work that goes into art events such as an exhibition at a gallery.
An art movement is a subculture of artists that occurs at a time and place that creates a new style of art.
Art diplomacy is the use of art to foster international relations and soft power. For example, a national collection that exchanges priceless works of cultural heritage with another nation on temporary loan.
Globally, Visual arts is a $391 billion industry. This tops newspapers & magazines at $354 billion and comes in just under television at $477 billion. Visual arts directly employs around 6.73 million people globally.


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