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72 Examples of Art Activities

Art activities are small projects of creative expression. These can explore different mediums, styles, techniques and types of art such that they may build talent, art appreciation and general creative ability. Art activities may also be pursued for joy and as a form of wellness whereby creative expression is viewed as soothing or self-fulfilling. The following are examples of art activities.
ASCII Art (making art from digital typography)
Algorithmic Art / Fractals
Animation / Motion Graphics
Architectural Plans / Designs / Models
Art Films / Music Videos
Book Art / Altering a Book
Cardboard Sculptures
Chalk Art
Character Design (Fiction / Film / Animation / Comics)
Clay Sculpture
Coat of Arms Design
Color Palettes (e.g. selecting three colors using color theory for a painting)
Comic Strips / Comic Illustration
Computer Graphics
Constructive Sculpture (e.g. built with sticks and glue)
Continuous Line Drawing
Costume Design
Costume Jewelry (e.g. bead jewelry)
Creative 3D Printing
Creative Printing (e.g. print textures for origami paper)
Creative Reuse (e.g. sculpture from recyclables)
Critical Design (design that challenges the status quo)
Designing Trading Cards
Digital Art
Drawing - 3D
Drawing - Asymmetric Balance (sides different but feels balanced)
Drawing - Imposed Constraints (e.g. start with random line and make it into something)
Drawing - Linear Perspective
Drawing - Symmetric Balance (both sides the same)
Fictional Maps / Cartography
Found Object Art
Glitch Art (digital errors as art)
Greeting Card Design
Grid Drawings (drawing on grid from example on grid)
Ice Sculpture
Installation Art (art that consumes space)
Interactive Art
Leaf Rubbings
Lettering / Typographic Design
Light Art
Logo Design
Mixed Media (e.g. cloth on paper)
Natural Collage (assemblage of natural found items such as pine cones)
Paper Snowflakes
Poster Design
Product Customization (e.g. snowboard art)
Prop Design (e.g. a cardboard sword)
Quilt Art
Rock Painting
Sand Art / Sand Sculpture / Sand Castles
Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)
Still Life (drawing of objects such as flowers or fruit)
Stylized Paintings / Drawings (e.g. Cubism)
Subtractive Sculpture (i.e. carving a block)
Tile Painting
Video Game Mods (e.g. designing levels for a game)
Virtual Art (e.g. a sculpture in a video game environment)


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