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Language is a system for communicating information and emotion. Natural languages emerge spontaneously and evolve over time as an critical element of society and culture. People commonly think using an internal monologue such that language colors the thoughts and emotions of an individual. As such, learning new languages can be a transformative experience that changes your perceptions, behavior and character. The following are common elements of language.
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The basic types of definition with examples.

Grammar Examples

The definition of grammar with examples of correct and incorrect English grammar.

Descriptive Words

An a-z list of descriptive words.

Transition Words

A list of transition words.

Thought Processes

A list of thinking approaches and types.


A few logic terms explained.

Cognitive Biases

A list of common cognitive biases explained.

Abstract Ideas

A few dangers of being too abstract.

Objective vs Subjective

The difference between objective and subjective.

Intellectual Diversity

A definition of intellectual diversity with examples.

Creative Value

The definition of creative value with examples.

Anecdotal Evidence

The definition of anecdotal evidence with examples.

Benefit Of Doubt

The definition of benefit of doubt with examples.


The definition of pessimism with examples.


A comprehensive guide to design.

Color Theory

An overview of color theory.

Layout vs Composition

The difference between layout and composition.

Modeless vs Contextual

The difference between modeless and contextual user interfaces explained.

Types Of Design

A list of common types of design.

Design Process

The steps in a design process.

Design Quality

The common types of design quality.

Universal Design

A definition of universal design with examples.

Sensory Design

A definition of sensory design with examples.

Emotional Design

An overview of emotional design.


The definition of elegance with examples.
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