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26 Examples of an Art Business

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An art business is a profit seeking business related to fine art or commercial art. This includes directly selling art such as an artist who sells works through galleries and business models that produce no art but play some role in the art world such as appraisals. The following are common types of art business.
Art Agents
Art Brokers
Art Collectables
Art Consulting
Art Dealers
Art Events / Exhibitions
Art Finance
Art Galleries
Art Insurance
Art Media (e.g. magazines)
Art Merchandising
Art Preservation
Art Prints
Art Schools
Art Supplies
Art Venues (e.g. galleries for rent)
Commercial Art (e.g. art for advertising, products, brands, media, interiors, landscapes and films)
Commissioned Art
Ecommerce Sales
Gift Shops / Art Related Souvenirs
Museums / Museum Shops
Tattoo Artists
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