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10 Examples of Art Direction

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Art direction is the management of creative processes that produce visual outputs such as publications, media, environments, communications and symbols. For example, magazine covers, movie sets, video games, advertising and visual branding may all require the work of an art director. The following are common elements of art direction.

Creative Vision

Creating a big idea that serves as the vision for a visual work. This may include an overall style, attitude, message, approach, mood and theme.

Target Audience

Crafting works to resonate with a target audience. This potentially involves market research.

Client Relationships

Maintaining client relationships, pitching a creative vision and achieving acceptance of final work products.

Decision Making

An art director often has creative control of visual outputs and needs to make regular decisions.

Team Management

In some cases, an art director manages a creative team and is responsible for things such as goal setting, performance management, productivity and influencing on behalf of the team.

Team Culture

Establishing a creative team culture.

Project Management

Project management related work such as developing estimates, schedules, budgets, project plans and managing project execution.

Stakeholder Management

Projects may have multiple stakeholders who make competing demands. An art director manages expectations and influences to achieve objectives.

Creative Partners

An art director may manage relationships with a large number of creative partners such as artists, photographers, film crews and copywriters.

Art & Design

The implementation of a creative work such as layout and composition.
Overview: Art Direction
The management of creative processes that produce visual outputs such as publications, media, environments, communications and symbols.
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