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30 Examples of Building Operations

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Building operations is the day-to-day process of managing a building including basic building infrastructure, facilities and services. This provides foundational services such as maintenance, security and safety. Building operations also requires financial management, compliance and risk management. The processes involved differ widely by building and what type of facilities and services are supported. The following are common examples of building operations.
Security & access control
Janitorial services
Window cleaning
Waste management
Emergency preparedness management
Utilities management
Space management
Health & safety
Managing building facilities & amenities
Facility budgets & financial management
Renovation & construction
Energy efficiency improvements
Operating building automation systems
Transportation services
Fire safety services
Maintaining internal plants & greenery
Parking services
Technical support for building infrastructure
Supplies procurement
Business center services
Help desk and support services
Reception services
Room reservations
Mail services
Maintaining decor and seasonal displays
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