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44 Examples of Building Infrastructure

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Building infrastructure are the foundational services that are provided to the users of a building. This includes hard infrastructure such as staircases and soft infrastructure such as janitorial services. The following are common examples of building infrastructure.
Access control
Alarm systems
Backup power systems
Concierge services
Electrical infrastructure
Elevators & escalators
Emergency lighting
Emergency preparedness infrastructure
Fire escape routes
Fire safety systems
Fire sprinkler systems
Gas lines
Heating, ventilation & air conditioning
Internet connectivity
Janitorial services
Lighting systems
Maintenance services
Parking facilities
Plumbing systems
Power supply and systems
Reception services
Security cameras
Security landscaping
Security systems
Server rooms
Sewage & sanitation
Signage and wayfinding
Green space
Lobbies & lounges
Facilities & amenities
Stormwater management
Telecommunications connectivity
Transportation links
Waste management facilities
Wastewater disposal
Water heating
Water supply
Some elements of building infrastructure such as electrical systems are basic elements of every building. Others are enhanced services to support the uses of a building such as an data center with an electrical generator and other power backup systems.
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