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26 Examples of Facility Management

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Facility management is the direction and control of facilities such as office buildings, schools, sporting venues, shopping complexes, hospitals, hotels, data centers and research laboratories. This includes soft services such as reception desks and meeting rooms and hard services such as security and heating cooling & ventilation.
Maintenance & repair
Space planning & utilization
Security services
Safety management
Energy efficiency
Environmental impact reduction
Facility budgets & financial management
Vendor & supplier management
Facility automation
Emergency & disaster management
Reception services
Customer service
Custodial services
Procurement of equipment, furnishings & services
Waste management
Landscaping & grounds maintenance
Health & safety inspections
Fire safety
Contract management
Managing facility assets
Mailroom operations
Room reservations
IT infrastructure management
Tenant lease management
Access control processes
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Facility Management

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Types of Management
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