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25 Examples of Facility Services

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Facility services are services offered to the users of a building or facility. These include basic building infrastructure such as heating and cooling. Facility services also include elements of building operations, maintenance, security and value-added services such as interior design or catering that help users make productive use of a facility. The following are common examples of facility services.
Maintenance services
Security services
Janitorial services
Interior plants and greenery
Waste management
Food services such as cafeterias & catering
Space planning & interior design
Mail services
Conference services
Meeting rooms
Health & safety services
Technical services
Facility compliance
Renovation services
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Fire safety services
Parking services
Help desk & support services
Reception desks
Transportation services
Emergency power
Window cleaning
In addition to the services above, it is common for facilities to offer various services related to building facilities such as swimming pools.
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