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Black materials are black colored elements that are commonly used to make things such as products, crafts and buildings. These include naturally black woods, metals, stones and other substances such as tar and rubber. Black materials also include materials that are specifically engineered, formulated or treated to be a black color. The following are common examples of black materials.
African Blackwood
Anodized Aluminum
Black Agate
Black Amber
Black Basalt
Black Brass
Black Brick
Black Bronze
Black Ceramic
Black Cherry Wood
Black Chrome
Black Concrete
Black Copper
Black Diamond
Black Dolomite
Black Fabric
Black Garnet
Black Glass
Black Gold
Black Granite
Black Ironwood
Black Jade
Black Lava Rock
Black Leather
Black Limestone
Black Marble
Black Moonstone
Black Nickel
Black Oak
Black Onyx
Black Opal
Black Pearl
Black Petrified Wood
Black Platinum
Black Porcelain
Black Quartz
Black Sand
Black Sandstone
Black Sapphire
Black Shale
Black Silver
Black Slate
Black Spinel
Black Steel
Black Terracotta
Black Tile
Black Titanium
Black Tourmaline
Black Walnut
Black Wool
Carbon Fiber
Cast Iron
Ebony Wood
Wenge Wood
Wrought Iron

Black Metals

There are naturally occurring metals that are black such as hematite that is a black iron oxide. Of pure metals that are commercially produced, wrought iron stands out as being a dark grey that approaches black color. There are also a number of alloys that are black such as cast iron. However, many metals that have a dark black color have a coating or plating. These can be extremely durable such as black oxide coatings that chemically bond with the metal.

Black Woods

Woods such as ebony and African blackwood are primarily black. Other black woods are a dark color or contain striking black patterns in their grain. Woods can also be black due to environmental conditions or treatment such as charring or smoking. For example, bog oak is oak wood that has been preserved and darkened over hundreds or thousands of years submerged in waterlogged environments such as bogs.

Gems & Stones

Black gemstones such as black diamonds, organic gemstones such as black pearls and stones that are commonly used in decorative items such as obsidian.

Construction Stone

Naturally black stones that are available in sizes large enough for construction uses such as countertops, floors and exterior facades. These are also produced as engineered stone from smaller rocks to create large sheets such as countertops.

Other Black Materials

Materials that are naturally black such as tar, asphalt and rubber or that are available in black. This excludes the woods, metals and stones listed above.
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