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60 Things Salespeople Do

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Sales is the practice of developing opportunities, closing revenue and sustaining business with customers. The exact work involved in sales differs greatly by industry but generally salespeople work to build relationships with customers and solve their problems to generate revenue. The following are common things salespeople do.
Account management
Answering product questions
Booths at industry conferences
Building relationships
Closing sales
Cold calling prospects
Collaborating with marketing
Collaborating with operations
Collaborating with product teams
Competing in sales contests
Complex sales such as responding to RFPs
Contributing to sales forecasting
Contributing to sales planning
Customer advocacy - pushing for change to products and services on behalf of customers
Customer communications
Customer events
Developing price proposals
Developing sales materials and collaterals
Developing sales proposals
Developing solutions to customer problems
Entering and maintaining customer data
Following up with customer
Gathering customer feedback
Identifying business opportunities
Identifying customer needs
Identifying leads
Incident management - e.g. informing customers about incidents that impact them
Internal approvals for prices, discounts and deal structure
Internal meetings
Learning about industries
Learning about products
Maintaining a professional image and reputation
Managing customer relationships
Margin calculations
Market research
Mentoring other salespeople
Monitoring customer issues
Monitoring customer satisfaction
Objection handling
Product demos
Product recalls
Provide after-sales customer service
Providing data and feedback to marketing and product teams
Reducing customer churn
Representing brand and firm with customer
Researching customers
Researching the competition
Responding to customer inquiries and complaints
Sales meetings
Sales presentations
Social media marketing
Solving customer problems
Staying on top of technological change in industry
Tracking sales pipeline
Training customers
Work to achieve quota


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Trade Fairs
Willingness To Pay
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