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7 Examples of Under-Positioning

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Under-positioning is a failure to establish or communicate a compelling competitive position for a brand, product or service. The result is that customers see no reason to select your product from an array of options. The following are illustrative examples.


A product with few benefits sets its price low but not low enough to be the cheapest on the shelves.


A food product includes one organic ingredient and the rest of the ingredients sound like chemicals.


A luxury hotel in an inconvenient location in a town filled with luxury hotels in convenient locations.


A fashion brand that lacks a distinctive style or quality level that appeals to a target market.


Features that have unclear benefits to customers such as an air conditioner with a "mountain air" setting.


A sushi restaurant in a town filled with sushi restaurants with a standard menu, taste, decor and service level.


A brand fulfills a valuable customer need and is unique. This is poorly communicated such that customers have no idea what products do or why they are good.
Overview: Under-Positioning
A brand, product or service that fails to stand out from the competition.
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