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84 Examples of Brand Identity

 , September 03, 2022
Brand identity is the target personality of a brand. This can include the brand's appearance, qualities, values and traits that give it a valuable position in a market. Brand identity includes its visual identity. However, visual identity is meaningless without the other components of identity -- the feelings and information that you want customers to associate your brand. The following are common examples.
Action Oriented / Gets Things Done
Agent of Change
Aligned to Social Justice
Aligned to a Cause
Authentic / Products That Are The Real Thing
Bizarre / Surreal / Slightly Odd
Classy / Upper Class
Clean / Source of Cleanliness
Conservative / Reduces Risk
Convenient / Saves Time
Cultural Connections (e.g. fashion brand that's immersed in a music scene)
Cuteness / Innocence
Cutting Edge
Delicious / Tasty / Irresistible
Design Prowess
Desirable / Attractive / Exciting
Doing Good
Easiest to Use
Effective / Works Properly
Entertaining / Thrilling / Fascinating / Engaging
Environmental / Green
Fair / Flexible / Reasonable
Girly / Feminine
Handmade / Craft
Hard Working / Ambitious
Health / Wellness / Source of Energy
Heart / Source of Deep Emotion
High Performance
High Quality
Honesty / Tells It Like It Is
Humorous / Fun
Inclusive / Diverse
Legacy / Heritage / Connections to History
Local Presence
Luxurious / Lavish
Makes Things Possible / Makes Things Happen
Manly / Masculine
Mature / Wise
Maximalism / Bigger & Better
Mysterious / Sophisticated
National Identity (e.g. made in USA)
Neighborly / Caring
Organic / Responsibly Sourced
Passion (e.g. streaming service that's obsessed with sports)
Rational / Scientific
Rebellious / Challenges the Status Quo
Refined / Perfected
Risk & Adventure
Safe Products / Services
Social Status (e.g. celebrity ties)
Source of Beauty / Elegance
Source of Belonging / Inclusion
Source of Family Life
Source of Freedom / Individualism
Source of Growth / Improvement / Opportunity
Source of Happiness
Source of Productivity / Efficiency
Source of Self-Fulfillment
Source of Self-indulgence / Self Reward
Stable / Consistent
The Best
The Intelligent Choice
The Safe Choice
Trendy / New
Value for Money
Your Way / Custom Choices

Brand Identity vs Brand Image

Brand identity is what you want customers to think about your brand and brand image is what they actually think. Brand identity is within your control and includes your visual identity and marketing efforts such as brand story. Brand image reflects your real world results.
Overview: Brand Identity
Definition (1)
The target personality of a brand.
Definition (2)
The visual identity, qualities, values and traits that give a brand a valuable position in a market.
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