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Goals are outcomes that you plan to achieve. Setting and working towards goals is the basis of business, careers and life in general. The following are common types of goal with examples of each.

Financial Goals

Revenue, budgets, salary, bonuses, commissions, savings, retirement, investing, side hustles, family business goals, small business goals.

Career Goals

Promotions, management positions, leadership, talents, skills, professional experience, relationships, reputation, work quality, career change, entrepreneurship, mentorship, professional growth, job satisfaction, work-life balance.

Business Goals

Profitability, growth, market share, cost efficiency, brand recognition, brand image, reputation, customer satisfaction, customer experience, operational efficiency, competitive advantage, product quality, service excellence.

Life Goals

Health, life purpose, self-fulfillment, spirituality, adventure, epic experience, peace, growth, connectedness, family, fitness, knowledge, financial freedom, mastery, cultured living, relationships, doing good, legacy.

Educational Goals

Studying, productivity, time management, grades, school life, extracurricular activities, knowledge, skills, talents, research, degrees, certifications, scholarships, getting into a school, entering a profession.

Personal Development Goals

Grit, resilience, self-discipline, social skills, communication skills, personal presence, public speaking, lifelong learning, character traits such as kindness.

Time Management Goals

Saying no to low value tasks, pushing into important work, prioritizing, focusing, continuous improvement of productivity, productivity tools, delegating work to others.

Creative Goals

Diy projects, creative expression, creative collaboration, performance art, visual art, musical pursuits, aesthetics, personal style, creative problem solving, creative control, becoming part of a creative scene, developing a creative reputation.

Family Goals

Family traditions, quality time, family meals, lifestyle changes, respectful norms, inclusion, keeping in touch, open communication, supporting and helping each other, taking time to celebrate, building memories and shared experiences.

Relationship Goals

Trust, communication, respect, support, adventure, growth, laughter, balance, compromise, independence, quality time, shared values,emotional connection.

Community Goals

Cultural participation, neighborhood events and projects, environmental stewardship, supporting charities, local arts and culture initiatives, neighborhood revitalization, youth programs, community gardens, poverty alleviation, addressing social issues.
Goals can be end-goals that are some future target that you want to achieve or objectives that are actionable steps towards these targets.
Overview: Goals
Outcomes that you plan to achieve.
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