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Modern issues are current social, economic and environmental problems. These include injustice, environmental degradation, health and quality of life issues that impact billions of people on a global basis. Modern issues are often related to technological, economic and social change. Other issues are long standing problems such as poverty that have not been solved despite the increased technical capabilities and resources of modern societies. The following are common modern issues.
Access to capital and credit
Access to education
Access to justice
Affordable housing
Aging population
Air quality
Animal testing and experimentation
Animal welfare
Artificial intelligence – disruption and risks
Biodiversity and extinctions
Child welfare
Children’s rights
Chronic health problems and disabilities
Clean energy
Climate change
Corporate accountability
Corporate transparency
Criminal justice reform
Cybersecurity threats
Deepfakes and manipulated media
Destruction Of ecosystems
Disability rights
Disaster preparedness and response
Economic competitiveness
Economic problems
Economic stagnation
Elder care
Environmental degradation
Fake news
Food insecurity
Free speech
Freedom of movement
Freedom of religion
Freedom of the press
Gender equality
Global cooperation
Government accountability
Government transparency
Gun violence
Healthcare access
Healthcare affordability
Healthcare reform
Human rights
Hunger and malnutrition
Immigration policy
Income tax evasion and loopholes
Income tax fairness
Infrastructure decay
Internet censorship
LGBTQ+ rights
Life satisfaction and happiness
Loss of coral reefs
Marine plastic and debris
Media ownership and censorship
Mental health
Military spending and arms trade
Minimum wage
Modern slavery
Nature conservation
Nuclear waste
Nuclear weapons
Obesity epidemic
Peace and security
Pension and retirement security
Police accountability
Political accountability
Political instability
Prison reform
Public safety and security
Public space and access to nature
Quality of education
Quality of life
Racial profiling
Racism and discrimination
Refugee crisis
Regional economic disparities
Screen time and media overconsumption
Social isolation and loneliness
Social media addiction
Social mobility
Social welfare and safety nets
Space junk
Student debt
Surveillance and privacy
Sustainable agriculture
Tax reform
Technological change – how to manage risk and disruption
Video game addiction
Water quality
Youth unemployment
A recurring theme with modern issues is that they are solvable given the vast resources and technological advancement of societies but that they aren't solved due to a lack of political agreement and cooperation. Another common theme is that technology changes life quickly such that society, culture and institutions struggle to shape this change in some positive way.

Modern Life

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