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74 Examples of Modern Science

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Modern science is the science of the modern-era beginning around 1685 with the start of the Enlightenment and continuing to this day. This includes advancements in science such as theories and applications of science such as technologies. Scientific advancement is considered a primary feature of the modern-era that has completely transformed society, culture and way of life on a global basis. The following are noteworthy examples of modern science.
Artificial intelligence Artificial organs
Atomic theory
Big Bang theory
Brain-machine interfaces
Carbon nanotubes
Cell theory
Chaos theory
Composite materials
Dark matter hypothesis
Digital cameras
Discovery of antimatter
Discovery of cosmic rays
Discovery of DNA
Discovery of plate tectonics
Discovery of pulsars
Discovery of radioactivity
Discovery of stratospheric ozone depletion
Discovery of the neutron
Discovery of the solar wind
Electric light bulb
Electron microscopes
Exoplanet discoveries
Fiber optics
Gene therapy
Genetic engineering
Germ theory of disease
High-energy particle physics
Human genome sequencing
Inflationary universe theory
Integrated circuits
Jet engines
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Mass spectrometry
Microbiome research
Mobile phones
Modern microscopes
Modern telescopes
Nuclear fusion research
Nuclear power
Particle accelerators
Plate tectonics theory
Quantum computing
Quantum field theory
Quantum mechanics
Radioactive dating
Solar panels
Space exploration
Space telescopes
Stem cell research
String theory
Synthetic polymers such as nylon
The telegraph & telephone
The television
Theory of evolution
Theory of natural selection
Uncertainty principle
X-ray technology
The microscope and telescope both predate the modern-era but were massively improved leading all the way up to inventions such as the electron microscope and space-based telescope.
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