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60 Examples of Cultural Opportunities

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Cultural opportunities are events, places, practices, activities, programs and social interactions that allow you to experience a culture. This includes opportunities related to traditional culture, local culture, youth culture and popular culture. Cultural opportunities are key to experiencing cultures to which you feel you belong such as your local community culture. It is also possible to experience a broad array of other cultures with experiences such as travel, language learning, cuisine and festivals. The following are common examples of cultural opportunities.
Acting Workshops
Architectural Sites
Art Classes
Art Museums & Galleries
Book Clubs
Calligraphy Lessons
Choir Performances
Comedy Shows
Community Events
Community Theater
Cooking Classes
Cosplay Conferences
Craft Fairs
Craft Workshops
Cultural Exchange
Dance Classes
Dance Festivals
Ethnic Restaurants
Fashion Shows
Film Festivals
Fine Cuisine Restaurants
Food Festivals
Foreign Films
Galas & Balls
Heritage Walks
Historical Reenactments
Historical Sites
History Museums
Holiday Traditions
Jazz Clubs
Join a Music Group
Language Immersion
Language Learning
Living Abroad
Local Festivals
Local Traditions
Music Appreciation
Music Festivals
Music Lessons
Poetry Slams
Religious Festivals
Religious Practices
Rites of Passage
Rituals & Ceremonies
Sports Events
Street Art
Street Fashion
Street Markets
Street Performances
Theatrical Productions
Traditional Crafts
Travel Opportunities
Wearing Traditional Fashions
Youth Culture Such as Video Gaming

Cultural Education

Formal programs, lessons, lectures and learning activities related to cultural subjects such as language, arts, performance arts, history and traditional practices. This can include entire academic programs such as a fine arts program or single lectures or activities such as a traditional storytelling workshop.

Cultural Experiences

Relatively passive cultural experiences whereby you experience culture as an audience member or consumer. For example, attending a concert or dining at a restaurant that offers ethnic or fine cuisine that can reasonably be considered a cultural experience.

Cultural Participation

Opportunities to actively engage in traditional culture and to help to define contemporary culture. People commonly live in a cultured way with everyday practices such as cooking that are a type of cultural participation. It is also possible to participate in other cultures such as learning a language and interacting with native speakers of that language.

Travel Opportunities

Travel isn't automatically a cultural experience whereby luxury hotels in distant lands may try to reproduce a standard experience devoid of authentic local culture. Travel that immerses into the local culture can be a dramatic and vibrant type of cultural experience whereby you are suddenly surrounded by a culture.


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