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10 Types of Globalization

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Globalization is a process of integration and exchange that results in closer interdependencies between nations. It is a process that has occurred throughout history since the very first interactions between communities, societies, cultures, nations and civilizations. The following are common types of globalization.


Commercial exchanges between companies and individuals that cross borders.


International transport links such as roads, train networks and airports.


The integration of telecom networks and ability to communicate seamlessly on an international basis.


Exchanges of culture and development of common super cultures such as sport and music.


The ability to invest in other countries.


The integration of technology and networks such as the internet.


The sharing of knowledge and know-how.


International cooperation in areas such as space exploration.


The potential to live, work and study in other countries.


The development of common policies and agreements in areas such as trade and environment.
Overview: Globalization
A process of integration and exchange that results in closer interdependencies between nations.
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