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38 Examples of Analog Devices

Analog devices are machines or equipment that consume or produce continuous signals or media. This is contrasted with digital devices based on modern digital computers that use binary signals of 0s and 1s. In many cases, analog is also used to refer to the old version of a machine that now has some digital equivalent. The following are common examples of analog devices.
Analog Mixers (music)
Analog Synthesizers / Keyboards
Audio Amplifiers (traditional)
Camcorders (e.g. based on VHS tapes)
Cameras That Take Film
Cassette Players
Clocks (traditional)
Electric Guitars (produce an analog signal)
Fax Machines (early designs)
Film Projectors (traditional)
Headphones (analog signal)
Jukeboxes (traditional)
Karaoke Machines (early designs)
Meters & Guages (e.g. an analog pressure guage)
Microphones (traditional)
Musical Instruments (traditional)
Neon Lights (e.g. LED lights are often digital technologies)
Photocopies (traditional)
Pinball Machines
Radios (analog signal)
Record Players
Reel-to-reel Tape Recorders
Scales (traditional)
Sirens (traditional)
Slide Projectors
Speakers (analog signal)
Speedometer (traditional design)
Stereos (before CDs)
Stop Lights (traditional)
Telephones (analog signal)
Televisions (analog signal)
Thermostats (traditional)
Walkie Talkie (analog signal)
Watches (traditional)
Overview: Analog Devices
Machines or equipment that produce or consume continuous signals or media.
Definition (2)
A traditional design of a machine that has been largely displaced by a digital technology.
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