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17 Examples of Technology Culture

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Technology culture is the intangible meaning, understanding and norms that emerge around technology. This is the human element of technology that emerges with the shared experiences of groups that use or produce technologies together. The following are common examples of a technology culture.

Technology Departments

The team culture of your IT department.

Social Media Culture

The norms, symbols and shared meaning that emerges on a social media platform.

Low Technology

A subculture based on appreciation and innovative use of older technologies.

Cutting Edge

The culture of users who are into the newest software and hardware.

Technology Media

Technology reporters, media pundits and the representatives of technology firms involved in public relations.


The professional culture surrounding software development.

Hacker Culture

Enthusiasts who enjoy helping technology overcome its limitations.


The culture of video games. This is diverse with cultures emerging around different games or types of games.

Diy Technology

The culture of building tech from the ground up or repurposing tech.

Internet Culture

The norms of the internet or particular locations on the internet such as a forum.

Media Culture

The culture of digital media technologies. For example, the fans of a streaming media platform and its content.

Digital Art

Digital artists and the digital art world.

Immersive Experience

The culture of virtual worlds and other immersive experiences.

Technology Business Culture

The culture of technology businesses and industries.

Engineering Culture

The professional culture around technology engineering such as robotics.

Science Fiction

The culture of science fiction that imagines the future, often defining technologies long before they exist.

Technology Collectors

Technology collectables such as retro games and the culture surrounding this pursuit.
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