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9 Examples of Robot Culture

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Robot culture is the human culture that surrounds robotics. The following are illustrative examples.

Fiction & Film

Robots appeared in literature as talking bronze and clay statues as early as 600 BC. In many cases, robot fiction has become reality such as the robot chess-player featured in the 1899 short story Moxon's Master by Ambrose Bierce.


Art featuring robots or created by robots.


Robot themes and aesthetics in music or music composed by robots.


Several traditional Japanese festivals feature Edo-era automaton known as Karakuri puppets including the Shimohanda Festival in Handa.


People and bots often compete in games where people may feel bots have a personality.


The subcultures surrounding robot enthusiasts such as do-it-yourself robot design and construction.


The professional culture of people involved in building or researching robotics.


The role that robots play in society. For example, whether or not they pay taxes.

Nascent Robot Culture

The idea that robots will form cultures of their own that are an extension of human culture.
Overview: Robot Culture
The human culture that surrounds robotics.
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