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Networking Guide

 , December 11, 2015 updated on May 12, 2022
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Data Centers

A list of data center components.


A definition of extranet with several examples.


The internet explained.


An overview of the term intranet.


The definition of latency with examples.

Network Architecture

A guide to network architecture.

Network Infrastructure

A list of common types of network infrastructure.

Network Performance

The common types of network performance.

Network Security

An extensive list of network security techniques.

Networking Basics

A list of basic computer networking concepts.


A definition of network with examples.

Private Network

A definition of private network with examples.


A list of telecom industry terms.

Soft Skills

A list of soft skills that are commonly listed on job descriptions and resumes.

Business Skills

A list of common business skills.

Skills vs Abilities

The difference between a skill and an ability.

Social Intelligence

A definition of social intelligence with examples.

Attention To Detail

The definition of attention to detail with examples.

Meeting Management

An overview of meeting management with examples.


Simplicable is a modern encyclopedia that has been updated daily since 2010.

Business Theory

A list of interesting business theories.

Knowledge Work

A definition of knowledge work with examples.

Office Politics

A list of social processes, absurdities and strategies related to office politics.

Product Development

A guide to product development.

Types Of Knowledge

The differences between types of knowledge.
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