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50 Examples of Economic Institutions

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Economic institutions are complex and durable features of society that are important to the economy. These exist at the global, national, regional and local level and range from central banks that control money supplies and interest rates down to small businesses and families that play an enduring economic role. Economic institutions are each part of the global economy and provide stability by virtue of their durability. The following are common examples of economic institutions.
Antitrust Authorities
Bullion Banks
Census Bureaus
Chambers of Commerce
Commodity Exchanges
Consumer Protection Agencies
Credit Card Companies
Credit Rating Agencies
Credit Unions
Currency Boards
Department of Commerce
Family Offices
Financial Technology Companies
Government-Sponsored Enterprises
Hedge Funds
Industry Associations
Insurance Companies
Intellectual Property Offices
International Development Banks
International Monetary Fund
International Trade Organizations
Investment Banks
Labor Unions
Land Registries
Mutual Funds
National Statistics Offices
Payment Platforms
Pension Funds
Price Control Boards
Private Equity Firms
Product Certifications
Professional Associations
Real Estate Investment Trusts
Regional Development Banks
Regulatory Agencies
Research Centers
Social Security Systems
Sovereign Wealth Funds
Standards Organizations
Stock Exchanges
Tax Authorities
Tourism Boards
Venture Capital Firms
World Trade Organization


Economic institutions are complex and enduring structures that are important to the economy. As these are complex, they are difficult to replicate such that they can help to explain the difference between advanced and developing economies. As they are enduring, they help to provide economic stability over time.
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