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What is Light Pollution?

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Light pollution is the excessive, inefficient or unappealing use of light. This can impact ecosystems, human health and quality of life. The following are variations of light pollution:


A light that is strong enough to make it difficult to see such as excessively bright headlights from an oncoming car.


Extreme levels of lighting found in some indoor environments.

Light Clutter

Distracting and busy lights such as flashing commercial signs.

Light Trespass

A specific light source that interferes with enjoyment of private property. For example, if a neighbor shines a strong lamp at your windows causing you to loose sleep.

Over Illumination

A general term for the overuse of light in a wasteful manner. Potentially affects human health by disrupting circadian rhythms and has an ecological impact, particularly to nocturnal species.


The collective lights of a city or town cause a glow in the sky that make it impossible to see more than a few stars in the night sky where thousands of stars are visible in a dark area on a dark night.
Overview: Light Pollution
The excessive, inefficient and unappealing use of artificial light.
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