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30 Examples of Intermediate Goods

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Intermediate goods are materials, parts, components, subassemblies and partially finished products that are used as inputs for other goods and services. These aren't meant for final consumption and are sold to businesses to be used in other products. The following are common examples of intermediate goods.
Adhesives & sealants
Animal feed
Bearings & gears
Cleaning supplies
Copper wire
Electrical cables
Fabric rolls
Ink cartridges
LCD panels
Motors & engines
Packaging materials
Paint & coatings
Paper rolls
Personal protective equipment
Printed circuit boards
Robotics components
Seats for an aircraft
Semiconductor chips
Software licenses for an IT service
Springs & shocks
Steel bars
Valves & fittings
Vegetables for a restaurant
What is an intermediate good to one business could be a consumer good for another business. For example, grocery stores use vegetables as a finished good but restaurants use them as an intermediate good.


Intermediate goods are products and services that are meant to be used to produce other products and services.
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