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What is a Fashion Capital?

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A fashion capital is a city with a large fashion industry that has a significant influence on global fashion trends. Commonly cited fashion capitals include Paris, New York, London, Milan, Berlin, Tokyo, Rome, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Sao Paulo. The following are common characteristics of fashion capitals.

Creative Climate

Local fashion designers who achieve recognition and a following. Some cities appear to have a creative climate that produces talented fashion designers.


Institutions such as design and art schools.

Fashion Companies

Fashion firms that choose to locate headquarters, design centers and flagship locations in the city.

Fashion Week

Fashion capitals hold fashion events, generally known as fashion weeks, that generate much publicity for local designers in media such as fashion magazines and blogs.

Fashionable Locals

Fashion capitals typically have locals who are interested in fashion who support the industry and feed into the creative climate with original street fashions and subculture fashions.

Fashion Tourism

Fashion capitals attract fashion tourists who attend fashion weeks or are attracted by local shops and the general fashion culture of a city.
Overview: Fashion Capital
A city with a large fashion industry that has a significant influence on global fashion trends.
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