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28 Benefits of Productivity

Productivity benefits are the advantages of a higher productivity rate where this is the amount of value created in an hour of work. Productivity is the basis for human thriving and its benefits are profound. A society with high productivity will typically have a higher quality of life as people can create more income with their labor that can be spent on goods, services, risk reduction, savings, public services and so forth. The following are benefits of productivity at the level of a society, firm or individual.


Productivity is the primary difference between developed and developing nations. For example, a nation that produces $300 per hour worked will fundamentally have more resources than a nation that produces $3 per hour worked. These resources can be invested to create higher quality of life. The following are possible benefits of productivity at the level of a society.
Greater international competitiveness
Greater stability and resilience
Greater tax revenue that can be invested in public services such as education
Higher GDP
Higher quality of life
Higher standard of living
Improved working conditions
More efficient products and services
More leisure time
Risk reduction
As a society, it's not easy to increase productivity as this is tied to things like infrastructure, education systems and a thriving private sector filled with innovative companies.


Productivity is the basis for the competitive advantages of firms that directly relates to revenue, costs, quality and speed. For example, a restaurant that produces $300 in value per work hour is likely to be a much more pleasant place than a restaurant that produces $3 an hour in value. To produce that much value staff would likely have to offer attentive service, faster service and better food. All else being equal, productivity has the following benefits for firms.
Ability to offer better working conditions
Ability to offer higher salaries
Ability to offer more paid time off
Faster turnaround time
Higher customer satisfaction
Higher employee satisfaction
Higher quality
Higher revenue
Less employees
Less errors, problems, issues and incidents
The productivity of firms is related to industry, innovation, talent, organizational culture, technology, tools, processes and design prowess.


As an individual, productivity will allow you to achieve more in any context such as education, work, small business and in your hobbies. This is likely to bring you several benefits:
Better results at school
Better support from employers
Better working conditions
Greater professional respect and reputation
Greater results in pursuits such as hobbies and sport
Higher income
More leisure time
Social status
As an individual, productivity relates to things such as knowledge, talent, character, work ethic, profession, time management, motivation and self-discipline.

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