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45 Examples of Time Efficiency

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Time efficiency is the process of making good use of time. This can be calculated as the value produced in an hour, week or year depending on your time-horizon. Time is the one resource that can't be traded, purchased or extended. An hour for me is an hour for you. As, such making the most of time is a fundamental human pursuit. The following are common examples of time efficiency techniques.
Automating repetitive tasks
Being decisive
Breaking work into tasks
Clear communication
Continuous improvement
Daily reflection
Delegating tasks and responsibilities
Division of labor
Eliminating wasted time
Establishing routines
Goal setting
Identifying and avoiding time wasters
Learning from mistakes
Leveraging peak energy times
Life balance such as exercise, sleep, social and work life
Lifelong learning
Lightweight experiments and regular improvements
Meeting agendas
Minimizing distractions
Minimizing interruptions
Note taking
Optimizing workflows
Organizing your workspace
Outsourcing tasks
Preparing for meetings
Prioritizing tasks
Quality over quantity
Quality time
Recognizing failure
Saying no to low value work
Setting deadlines
Specialization of skills
Streamlining processes
Task backlogs
Time blocking
Using timers

Organizational Productivity

The process of increasing the output of employees, teams and entire organizations. This can be quite complex whereby there can be many entrenched factors dragging time efficiency down such as resistance to change, overly complex processes, low cooperation, broken systems and culture issues.

Personal Productivity

Personal productivity includes big-picture things such as goal planning and the discipline to recognize and recover from failure. It also includes improvements to your repeated processes, habits and routines that boost your daily output, work quality and results.

Quality Time

A common approach to time efficiency is to think very carefully about what you're doing with your time in order to reorient your efforts towards high value outcomes. This can be viewed as a contrarian approach to the common tendency to push for speed and scale whereby you focus on quality instead.

Time Efficiency

Time efficiency is the amount of value produced with a unit of time. This can be applied to capital such as a machine or facility. When it is applied to human work it is known as productivity, personal productivity or time management. Humans can also approach time efficiency in terms of the quality of their life and work.


Time efficiency can be calculated with the efficiency formula.
The Pareto Principle is the idea that the first 20 percent of effort produces 80 percent of results.
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