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50 Examples of Economic Outcomes

An economic outcome is the financial result of a policy, program, effort, investment, social change or historical event. This can be used to analyze and critique the results of changes that have already occurred. Economic outcomes can also be used as goals and targets for programs, policies, services and initiatives of change. The following are common economic outcomes.
Access to capital
Access to credit
Balance of payments
Business investment rates
Consumer confidence
Consumer spending
Cost of living
Credit conditions
Debt levels
Debt-to-income ratio
Direct foreign investment
Economic growth
Educational attainment
Employment and unemployment rate
Exchange rates
Financial security
Home ownership rates
Housing cost burden
Income distribution
Income gap
Inflation or deflation
Investment returns
Job security
Labor force participation rate
Market prices
Net worth
Occupational status
Price levels
Productivity rates – value produced in an hour of work
Rates of insurance coverage
Retirement savings
Savings rates
Small business failure rate
Social mobility
Standard of living
Trade balance
Underemployment rate
Wage gap
Wage growth
Economic outcomes such as income levels are closely tied to social outcomes. For example, poverty creates a large number of issues in areas such as food insecurity, access to housing and access to education.


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