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Pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment. This is a concern where it is produced at great scale due to processes that involve billions of people such as energy production, transportation, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, construction and consumer products. These processes are constantly innovated such that new types of pollution can quickly emerge. There is often a large lag between the release of novel pollution at scale and development of knowledge related to its impact. The following are common types of pollution.
Agricultural Air Pollution
Agricultural Fires
Agricultural Runoff
Animal Waste
Aviation Emissions
Bilge Water From Ships
Building Wastewater
Chemical Plant Emissions
Chemical Plant Wastewater
Chemical Spills
Construction Emissions
Construction Waste
Customer Product Waste
Electromagnetic Fields
Environmental Impact of War
Fertilizer Runoff
Fishing Debris
Fuel Combustion
Gas Venting and Flaring
Household Wastewater
Indoor Air Pollution
Industrial Accidents
Landfill Fires
Light Pollution
Manufacturing Emissions
Manufacturing Wastewater
Marine Paint
Military Pollution
Mining Waste
Noise Pollution
Nuclear Waste
Oil Extraction Wastewater
Oil Refinery Emissions
Oil Refinery Wastewater
Oil Spills
Pharmaceutical Pollution
Plastic Degradation
Plastic Waste
Power Plant Emissions
Radioactive Contamination
Road Debris
Rocket Emissions
Ship Blackwater
Ship Exhaust
Ship Greywater
Shipping Accidents
Slash & Burn Farming
Soil Conditioners
Soil Contamination
Space Junk
Thermal Pollution
Toxic Chemicals in Consumer Products
Vehicle Emissions
Volatile Organic Compounds
Volcanic Eruptions
Waste Incineration
Waste Oil
Wood Burning
The list above isn't exhaustive.
Nanoparticles such as silver nanoparticles are included in a broad range of consumer products such as cleaning products and cosmetics and end up in water and air.
Pollution is not the only type of environmental issue.
Pollution is a complex problem that can be addressed with elegant solutions such as waste is food and a circular economy.
Overview: Pollution
Definition (1)
The introduction of harmful materials into the environment.
Definition (2)
The introduction of harmful materials or effects into the environment.
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