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54 Examples of Community Impact

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Community impact are the local social outcomes of a program, project, initiative, action, policy or institution. This measures the impact on people as opposed to measuring things in financial terms. The following are common examples of community impact.
Economic opportunity
Job creation
Youth employment
Income levels
Economic mobility
Community entrepreneurship
Small local businesses
Reduced poverty
Financial stability
Economic diversification
Social safety net
Educational attainment
Quality of education
Reduced drop out rates
Housing quality
Community relationships
Sense of community
Social support networks
Civic engagement
Social stability
Increased property values
Public space
Green spaces
Social infrastructure such as hospitals
Access to nature
Access to places to play
Access to recreational facilities
Digital literacy
Digital access
Life skills
Mental health outcomes
Health & wellness
Physical fitness
Air quality
Water quality
Environmental justice
Local resilience
Community gardens
Local volunteerism
Political participation
Nature conservation
Reduced crime
Social justice
Emergency services
Reduced addiction rates
Reduced substance abuse
Social cohesion
Freedom from discrimination
Quality of life
Quality of life is the self-reported life satisfaction or happiness of a person.
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