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Educational Philosophy

Education vs Unlearning

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Unlearning is the process of disregarding knowledge that is binding, unhelpful or wrong. This is associated with challenging convention assumptions, theories, strategies, practices and customs. In order to master an art or science, an individual needs to unlearn in order to surpass cliche, convention and mediocrity.

The Value of Education to Unlearning

In order to unlearn something, it is first necessary to learn it. That is to say, unlearning shouldn't be misunderstood as an attack on education and learning.
Consider a process of unlearning that leads to the conclusion that the entire capitalist system is fundamentally flawed in some way. Such a position is far more convincing if it comes from an individual who has working knowledge of business, markets and economics.
Most who succeed in challenging a fundamental assumption in a way that rattles an industry, society, art or science are well versed in the state of the art.
Education and learning are processes of critical thought at every step. Unlearning applies to those who understand the conventional well enough to challenge it.
Education vs Unlearning
Studying and training to gain knowledge, skill and development.
Disregarding retained knowledge that is binding, unhelpful or wrong.
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