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What is Terroir?

 , updated on February 21, 2017
A terroir is a set of environmental factors that give a crop or product from a particular farm or region a unique character. Such factors are mostly naturally occurring elements such as microclimate, weather, soil, landscape, water, elevation, land features and surrounding vegetation. Terroir can also include agricultural methods that are unique to a region or farm such as shading crops in a particular way.

Terroir & Winemaking

Terroir evolved as a way to describe the differences in grapes and resulting wines from one region to the next. The term can also be used to describe differences between farms or sections of the same farm. Terroir is also studied and appreciated in other artisanal foods such as tea, coffee and wheat.
Overview: Terroir
Organic Farming
DefinitionA set of environmental factors that give a crop or product from a particular farm or region a unique character.
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