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What is a Light Tube?

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A light tube is a device that captures outdoor light and redirects it for indoor lighting. They range from complex devices that use fiber optics to practical solutions that reuse plastic bottles. Light tubes commonly have a lens that captures light, a pipe of reflective material and an element for diffusing light into a room. They may be paired with dynamic electronic lighting that dims when natural light is available. In some cases, a light tube also provides controls so that they can be turned off or dimmed.

Liter of Light

Liter of Light is an open source design for lighting simple dwellings with a thin roof. It uses a transparent plastic beverage bottle, water and a little bleach to keep the water clear. They can produce light equivalent to a 40-60 watt light bulb and have been installed in at least 200,000 homes in developing countries.
Overview: Light Tube
A device that captures outdoor light and redirects it for indoor lighting.
Zero energy natural lighting
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