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4 Types of Raised Floor

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A raised floor is an elevated floor structure built on top of a base floor. This creates a space for infrastructure such as electrical and mechanical systems. Access points can then be built into the floor that allow for maintenance. The following are common types of raised floor.


A raised floor can be used to deliver heating, ventilation and cooling. This is particularly common in data centers that are often designed to provide cool air from the floor. Cooling is then configured by arranging perforated floor tiles below equipment. Equipment is configured to pickup cool air from below and blow warm air towards the ceiling.


One of the primary advantages of a raised floor is to hide cabling and equipment such as network infrastructure. For this reason, it is common for offices to be constructed with a raised floor.


Some residential buildings and homes are constructed with a raised floor. This is typically used for ventilation systems and other equipment. In a residential setting, it is common to provide access to unused areas of the raised floor to residents as a storage area. This is typically accessed with a hatch in the floor and is often lined with a storage compartment.


A raised floor can be used to provide a drainage area for flood water. This may keep furniture, carpets and electrical systems above the base floor in an area that is prone to flooding.
Overview: Raised Floor
An elevated floor structure built on top of a base floor.
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