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What are Light Shelves?

 , updated on July 25, 2016
A light shelf is a horizontal platform situated near windows to reflect light deep into a room. They are typically placed above eye level on high windows and can be either indoors or outdoors. Light shelves can reduce glare close to a window and increase the availability of natural light away from windows. In many cases, they may be paired with adaptive electronic lighting that dims when natural light is available.
Light shelves can also be used as a passive heating component as they tend to make a room warmer. As such, they may not be energy efficient in warm climates where cooling is a significant concern. In theory, light shelves could dynamically control their reflective properties to respond to indoor temperature or to allow people control lighting levels. In practice, they are more often paired with other control mechanisms such as blinds or smart windows.
Overview: Light Shelf
Horizontal platforms situated near windows to reflect light deep into a room.
Indoor, outdoor or both
Deflects natural light deep into a room.
Warms a room.
Prevents glare near a window.
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