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What is a Bottle Wall?

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A bottle wall is a wall made with upcycled glass or plastic bottles and a binding material such as concrete. In many cases, the bottles may be filled with a liquid in order to improve the thermal properties of the wall. The liquid used must be resistant to bacteria and other microorganisms. As compared to windows, bottle walls don't provide a view but may create an earthy aesthetic and allow light in a room. Bottle walls can also be used for interior walls that allow light to travel from one room to the next with some degree of privacy or at least mystery.
Overview: Bottle Wall
Architectural Element
A wall made with upcycled glass or plastic bottles and a binding material such as concrete.
Emphasizing reuse in a design.
Giving walls an interesting texture and form.
Bottles aren't an architectural grade material and may be weak for stresses such as earthquakes.
Although bottle walls have a one time reuse benefit they aren't likely to be as sustainable as more advanced materials such as smart windows that have long term energy advantages.
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