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34 Types of Bright Yellow

Yellow is an inherently bright color because it tends to be perceived as orange when shaded with black. The brightest yellows correspond to pure light of a single wavelength between 600 and 580 nanometers. Yellows that are slightly orange or green can also quite bright. Bright yellows are bold colors appropriate for celebrations, advertising, safety and sportswear. They garner attention but are difficult to look at for extended periods of time. For example, it would tend to feel exhausting to be in a room painted bright yellow. The following are common named colors that can be considered bright yellow.
Tennis Yellow
Safety Yellow
Techno Yellow
Saffron Yellow
Titanium Yellow
Brilliant Yellow
Neon Yellow
Neon Yellow
Lemon Puree
Naples Yellow
Bright Yellow #2
Electric Lemonade
Delayed Yellow
Bright Yellow
Sunshine Yellow
Yellow Submarine
Spotlight Yellow
Yellow Rose
Cadmium Yellow
Note Yellow
Duckling Yellow
Reverse Yellow
Electric Yellow

Bright Yellow

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Bright Yellow
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