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42 Types of True Green

True green is the set of colors perceived as green that originate with pure wavelengths of light in the range 540 to 500 nanometers. Green is a spectral color such that pure green light is a component of sunlight. As a color, pure green isn't shaded with black, tinted with white or tinged with another color. The following palette includes all pure greens in the RGB color space. The number indicated is the wavelength of light in nanometers corresponding to each color.
Green 540 nm
Green 539 nm
Green 538 nm
Green 537 nm
Green 536 nm
Green 535 nm
Green 534 nm
Green 533 nm
Green 532 nm
Green 531 nm
Green 530 nm
Green 529 nm
Green 528 nm
Green 527 nm
Green 526 nm
Green 525 nm
Green 524 nm
Green 523 nm
Green 522 nm
Green 521 nm
Green 520 nm
Green 519 nm
Green 518 nm
Green 517 nm
Green 516 nm
Green 515 nm
Green 514 nm
Green 513 nm
Green 512 nm
Green 511 nm
Green 510 nm
Green 509 nm
Green 508 nm
Green 507 nm
Green 506 nm
Green 505 nm
Green 504 nm
Green 503 nm
Green 502 nm
Green 501 nm
Green 500 nm
Green 499 nm
Generally speaking, true green colors are harsh and bright such that they potentially feel toxic and alien. This is a reason that green colors are often shaded or tinged with other colors such as brown.
Shorter wavelengths are perceived as blue or cyan and longer wavelengths are perceived as yellow. The line between these colors is blurry. A list of all spectral colors can be found here.


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