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54 Colors of the Sun

The color of the sun depends upon the time and place of the observer including factors such as atmospheric conditions and weather. The following are common colors of the sun.


Sunlight is white and the sun appears white from space. Although the human mind perceives white as a plain color, white light is actually composed of all wavelengths of visible light such that it is unbelievably colorful. As the dominant source of light on Planet Earth, all other colors are created by reflecting or absorbing different wavelengths of light from white sunlight.


The daytime sun appears yellow because the atmosphere scatters short wavelengths of blue light more efficiently than longer wavelengths of red, orange and yellow light. This also is the reason that the sky is blue.
Dull Sunlight
Sunshine #2
Sunlight #2

Sunset & Sunrise

When the sun is low on the horizon sunlight is passing through more atmosphere from your perspective. This causes the scattering effect to increase causing an orange or red sun. The scattering of light over this long distance can also turn the entire sky in the direction of the sunset or sunrise orange, pink, red or dark red. Sunlight can be shifted all the way to violet in a sunset such that the sky can also appear to be purplish.
Ruby Sunset
Dark Sunset
Burnt Sunset
Sunset Pink
Spring Sunset
Hazy Sunrise
Plum Sunset
Velvet Sunset
Indiana Sunrise
Rustic Sunrise
Michigan Sunset
All Hallows Sunset
Dusty Sunset Pink
Italian Sunset #2
Burnt Sunrise
Sienna Sunset
Raspberry Sunset
Strawberry Sunrise
Los Angeles Sunset
September Sunrise
Bleak Sunset
Dusty Sunset
True Sunset
Sailing Sunset
Italian Sunset
Summer Sunset
Summer Sunrise
Honey Sunset
Desert Sunset
Crimson Sunrise
Utah Sunset
San Diego Sunset
California Sunset
New York Sunset
Nile Sunset
Oklahoma Sunset
Sunset Orange
Rooftop Sunset
Coral Sunet
Salmon Sunset
Morrocan Sunset
Bonfire Sunrise
Saturday Sunset
Beach Sunset
Golden Sunrise
Florencian Sunrise
Lemon Gold Sunsets

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