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 , December 13, 2022 updated on March 11, 2023
This is the Simplicable color guide. Here you will find a rich set of named color palettes and an overview of color theory. We love color more than three meals a day.

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A large collection of color palettes.

Popular Colors

A palette of well-known named colors.

Are Colors Real

Why colors are real.

Dark Black

An overview of dark black with a palette.

Grey Things

A list of grey things

Light Black

An overview of light black with a palette of named colors.


An overview of common bronze colors.


An overview of toffee color with a palette.

Formal Colors

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Deep Green

An overview of deep green with a palette.

Charcoal Color

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Words To Describe Yellow

A vocabulary for describing yellow colors.

Color Theory

An overview of color theory.

Color Tone

An overview of color tone with a palette of examples.

Matte Color

An overview of matte colors with a palette of examples.

Color Palette

A palette of common colors used in art and design.

Color Things

A list of things that symbolize colors.

Words To Describe Style

A list of words to describe style.


A distinctive character that comes through in a creative work.

Graphic Design Examples

An overview of graphic design with examples.

Design Skills

A list of common design skills.

Clear Things

A list of clear things.

Visual Arts

An overview of visual arts with examples.
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